A Message from Dr. Leon Su at Smile More Orthodontics, LLC

Hello families of Smile More Orthodontics,

The situation is unsettling and changes rapidly. We would like to take proactive measures to limit the spread of the COVID19 virus in the community and maximize the safety of our office.

FORTUNATELY, orthodontic treatment rarely involves dire emergencies that requires immediate attention. Treatment progression can also go smoothly when adjustment is made every 12 weeks with good cooperation.

We are taking the following PRECAUTIONARY measures to protect our valuable patients, staffs, and their beloved families. You can be confident and have a peace of mind when you enter our office space and receive exceptional care you and your family expect and deserve:

 All patients:

  • We politely refuse anyone having a family member, including self, with flu symptoms from entering the office. (Fever, cough, sneeze, fatigue). Ear temperature may be measured.

  • We politely refuse anyone having a family member, including self, who traveled abroad within a month from entering the office, whether they are healthy or not.

  • If anyone feels uncomfortable to enter the office during this sensitive period. Please feel free to setup a Remote Check** appointment instead.

  • For the next 3 weeks

    •  Upcoming appointments will be rescheduled. Only critical appointments will be kept.

    •  Emergencies only – only patients in pain and cannot resolve over the phone/text will be seen. The visit will be palliative; the goal is to stop the pain. To minimize aerosol in the office, we may not do a full repair.

  •  Increase hand washing: Everyone, patients and staffs must wash hands when entering the office.

  • Reduce close contact: We will implement Remote Check** for retainer appointments and new patient exams.

  • Reduce gathering: We are asking that only the patient come into the office and everyone else remain in the car. For safety, please text us when he/she is coming in.

  • Reduce gathering: Regular adjustments will be scheduled every 12 weeks, with a Remote Check** at 6 weeks

  • Reinforce sanitation: Remember to wash your hands before touching your mouth, using rubber bands or retainers.

 Invisalign patients:

  • Reduce gathering: Appointments will be done via Remote Check** unless there is a need for a new impression. At your next appointment time, please come and pick up all of your remaining aligners.

  • Reinforce sanitation: Remember to wash your hands before touching aligners, whether they are in or outside of the mouth.

 New Patient and Recall Appointments:

  • We welcome initial/recall exams via Remote Check**, paired with phone call or facetime at your convenience.

We will continue to closely monitor the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local health departments for the latest developments related to COVID-19 and follow the guidance of government and public health officials. We are reinforcing these agencies’ recommendations on the appropriate health and safety measures with our own team and providers as well.

Feel free to call/text us during office hours with your questions, concerns.

 Keep calm and Smile More, we got this!

 **Remote Check – Patient will take selfies of their teeth; front, left and right and communicate with the office by texting our office number. Please see instructions here

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